Professional Scrum Master

The Professional Scrum Master course is designed to give students a solid grounding in Scrum and its core principles. They will learn how self-organizing teams foster agility and what role the Scrum Master plays to help teams to achieve this. They will also learn how to use Scrum productivity metrics to monitor the results of their decisions and how to optimize those results.
Getting the most out of Scrum requires a solid knowledge of how it works and why. The Professional Scrum Master course will cover these as well as several advanced topics, like managing risk and optimizing total cost of ownership, that build on Scrum’s underlying principles.


This training is targeted at those responsible for the successful use and/or rollout of Scrum in a project or enterprise. The student ideally already has experience with Scrum and wishes to enhance his knowledge.


  • Scrum Basics – What is Scrum and how has it evolved?
  • Scrum Theory – Why does Scrum work and what are its core principles? How are the Scrum principles different from those of more traditional software development approaches, and what is the impact?
  • Scrum Framework and Meetings – How Scrum theory is implemented using time- boxes, roles, rules, and artifacts. How can these be used most effectively and how can they fall apart?
  • Scrum and Change – Scrum is different: what does this mean to my project and my organization? How do I best adopt Scrum given the change that is expected?
  • Scrum and Total Cost of Ownership – A system isn’t just developed, it is also sustained, maintained and enhanced. How is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our systems or products measured and optimized?
  • Scrum Teams – Scrum Teams are self-organizing and cross-functional; this is different from traditional development groups. How do we start with Scrum teams and how do we ensure their success?
  • Scrum Planning – Plan a project and estimate its cost and completion date.
  • Predictability, Risk Management, and Reporting – Scrum is empirical. How can predictions be made, risk be controlled, and progress be tracked using Scrum.
  • Scaling Scrum – Scrum works great with one team. It also works better than anything else for projects or product releases that involve hundreds or thousands of globally dispersed team members. How is scaling best accomplished using Scrum?


Scrum Master Basics – Introduction into Scrum. (Certificationtraining PSM

Scrum for Managers – This course is made for the management team of a company.

ProductOwner Basics – Introduction into scrum for ProduktOwner.

Professional Scrum Master – This course is for the advanced user (with certification).

Professional Scrum Product Owner – Training for ProductOwner: the business aspect in Scrum (with certification).

Professional Scrum Foundations – Course for the DeveloperTeam (with certification).


(All courses and materials are German)


Course dates in 2016 -2017


18.-19. September 2017 Scrum Master Schulung: PSM der,
Stuttgart >> buchen

19.-20. Oktober 2017 Scrum Master Schulung: PSM der,
Stuttgart >> buchen

13.-14. November 2017 Scrum Master Schulung: PSM der,
Stuttgart >> buchen

20.-21. November 2017  Scrum MasterSchulungspartner: Digicomp, Bern >> buchen

04.-05. Dezember 2017 Scrum Master Schulungspartner Digicomp, Zürich >> buchen

11.-12. Dezember 2017 Scrum Master Schulung: PSM der,
Stuttgart >> buchen