Scrum Coaching

Support for Introduction of Agile into the Enterprise

Scrum Introduction Workshop

The ScrumTeam prepares the introduction of Scrum into their Project/ Product and does a first ProductBacklog grooming.

2 Days



Decision for an „agile Framework“

Which agile framework is best suited for our Product/ Project? In this workshop the team learns the difference between agile methods like Scrum, Kanban, XP or test driven development. 

1 Day

Agile Entscheidungen


Sprint Retrospective

In the retrospective a team finds out, what can be improved to be a more effective team. In a moderated retrospective the team gets feedback from a coach.

4 hours


Soft Skills Seminar

Teams learn methods how to self organize.

In knowledge on technology we usually are well equipped. The secret of  successfull software projects lies in nogatiation with customers, stakeholders and team members.

The methods taught in this course are helpful for negotiation, coaching and facilitating. It is not only good practice for ScrumMasters to improve their soft skills, but also for ProductOwners and developers.

1 Day


Agile Management Workshop

Agile frameworks, like Scrum and Kanban, empower enterprises to build software fast and effective. Self-organizing teams are the core of these frameworks. Although agile methods do not have formal roles for management, a collaborative style of leadership is necessary. Best practices for agile leadership shows, that management has to be servant and supporting rather than commanding and controlling. Agile management styles have to be tailored for each enterprise.

Agile Management Workshop

1 – 2 Days