Scrum for Manager


Agile methods, like Scrum and Kanban, empower enterprises to build software fast and effective. Self-organizing teams are the core of these frameworks. Although these agile methods do not have formal roles for management, a collaborative style of management is expected. Best practices for agile leadership shows, that management has to be servant and supporting rather than commanding and controlling. Agile management styles have to be tailored for each enterprise.

Questions frequently asked by management

What exactly are the tasks of management in an agile environment?

How do we make sure, that time and budget is met?

How do we control risk? When is an agile project out of control?

Who can I nail down on results?

How many person-days can we plan on a project?

How does a matrix organization go with Scrum?

How do we handle multi-project environments?

What are the issues if we have many teams, departments and products?

How do we introduce Scrum in the enterprise?

1-2 days


Scrum Master Basics – Introduction into Scrum. (Certificationtraining PSM

Scrum for Managers – This course is made for the management team of a company.

ProductOwner Basics – Introduction into scrum for ProduktOwner.

Professional Scrum Master – This course is for the advanced user (with certification).

Professional Scrum Product Owner – Training for ProductOwner: the business aspect in Scrum (with certification).

Professional Scrum Foundations – Course for the DeveloperTeam (with certification).