Scrum Master Basics

Experience Scrum. Be agile.

Most software development companies and departments decide to use agile methods. This best allows to use the potential of each employee.

This is a very practical oriented course. The Scrum Master Basics Course is an experience what it means to be member of an agile team. It brings to you not only a well founded theoretical base, but also best practices to start Scrum in your team.

What is the philosophy and principle behind agile software development and Scrum? What is self organization? We experience how successfull product management can work by using time boxing and working in an iterative fashion. Reviews and Retrospectives are the institutionalized feedback sessions.

What are the tasks of the different roles in Scrum: Scrum-Master, Development-Team und Product-Owner?

What are the meetings used for, like Daily Scrum, Sprint-Planning, Sprint-Review und Sprint-Retrospektive? Do all the ScrumTeam members know for what the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Release Planning are needed?

In this seminar many questions are asked. Examples:

What happens to the project manager in an agile project?

How do I apply Scrum in a classical waterfall environment?

How does Scrum work in a matrix organization?

How does Scrum work in many teams with large software projects?

What are the duties of management in an agile enterprise?

After this seminar the students have all the necessary information for the assessment of to acquire a Professional Scrum Master I certification.


Scrum Master Basics – Introduction into Scrum. (Certificationtraining PSM

Scrum for Managers – This course is made for the management team of a company.

ProductOwner Basics – Introduction into scrum for ProduktOwner.

Professional Scrum Master – This course is for the advanced user (with certification).

Professional Scrum Product Owner – Training for ProductOwner: the business aspect in Scrum (with certification).

Professional Scrum Foundations – Course for the DeveloperTeam (with certification).