Scrum Training

Know the rule of the game.

Scrum is the most used framework for agile software development. Well founded training is the prerequisite for all people involved. In the Scrum trainings we do not only teach formal methods. We create an experience.

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How does it feel to be member of a self organizing team? What are the key features of teams that function well? When is a team dysfunctional? How do we achieve empathic communication? How can we empower each person involved to his/her fullest potential?

All management levels in an enterprise get involved. Communication competences are needed.

Technical environments to produce high quality software are just as important as involving customers and users.

Find the next open trainings or inform yourself about specially tailored inhouse seminars directly with Uta Kapp:


Professional Scrum Master – This course is for the advanced user (with certification).

Professional Scrum Product Owner – Training for ProductOwner: the aspekt of business in scrum (with certification).

Scrum Master Basics Introduction into scrum, with a variety of coachings. (Certificationtraining PSM

Scrum for Managers – This course is made for the management team of a company.

ProductOwner Basics – Introduction into scrum for ProduktOwner.